How It Works

How do I get approved for a car title loan?

The process is simple. We evaluate the fair market value of your vehicle and tell you how much you eligible for. You then bring in the required documents listed below and there is no credit check. It is that simple.

What You Need to Bring for a Car Title Loan

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Free and clear title
  • Three references not related to you
  • Social Security Card (or a document with your name and SSN both listed)
  • Your vehicle – We need to appraise your vehicle. The loan amount is dependent upon the condition.

Our professionally trained team is eagerly waiting to serve our clients seven days a week through our RAPID loan-approval process. Getting cash has never been easier, faster, or more discreet.

The Maximum Amount of Money You Can Borrow for a Car Title Loan

We lend up to $25,000* within minutes to qualified borrowers. Our clients can start the process of qualifying in the following ways:

  • Call (800) 813-CASH  or 800-813-2274 and speak to one of our representatives.
  • Get an online quote and a representative will contact you regarding your submission.
  • Visit one of our convenient locations in person.