Why Are the Interest Rates So High on Car Title Loans?

We are often asked why interest rates are so high when it comes to car title loans. It isn’t because car title loan companies have bad intentions in mind. There are 4 main reasons why interest rates get so high: 1). High risk loans – this is determined by several factors. 2). Little to no […]

What happens if I default?

A big question on a consumers mind when considering a car title loan is, “what happens if I default?”. Well, it is not as colorful as the news articles and T.V. shows would like their audiences to believe. It is always in the best interest of the Lender and the Borrower to get the account […]

Need Money for the Holidays? & Links for Saving Money On Gifts

The holidays are quickly approaching! Have you thought about how you’re going to afford all of those gifts this year? If not, don’t worry, Lighthouse Financial can offer you a simple solution. Just get a short term Car Title Loan. Just bring your car, title, registration, valid ID and let Lighthouse Financial’s qualified staff provide you with […]

What to Consider When Choosing an Auto Title Loan Company

Making the decision to borrow money is always a tough one. Making the decision on who to borrow money from can be even tougher. There’s a lot to consider when choosing an Auto Title Loan provider and the impact that decision has on your financial situation can have a long term impact over your financial […]

Tips On Borrowing Responsibly

It is best to only borrow the amount you need and to determine the amount your can afford to pay back. Keep in mind that you are expected to repay your loan with interest. Make sure to read all loan documents carefully before signing them. Carefully consider all of the terms of any loan before […]

How long does it take to get loan money?

The entire loan process generally takes 25 minutes from start to finish, and the funds are issued immediately.